Comedian Ali Gul Pir’s recent social media post was far from lighthearted — it was a serious warning addressed at individuals who have no qualms about posting toxic comments about others.

It all started when the Karachi-based comedian shared an Instagram photo of himself dressed up as American actress Lili Reinhart from this year’s Met Gala — but in a funny way that makes excellent use of loofahs.

The comedian isn’t the first celebrity who has spoken out against toxic masculinity in Pakistani men. In July, actor Adnan Malik discussed the subject on Indus News’ The Coffee Table.

“When we come into this world, it is all very instant,” said Malik. “Boys like blue, girls like pink. Boys need to play with boys. Men are not supposed to be sensitive. It starts at a very early age at school where an older person bullies you for being sensitive and that’s where the process starts and it kind of persists throughout your life,” he said.

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