EU’s Laptop Imports Hit All-Time High

ISTANBUL, Oct 23 (AA/APP): The European Union's laptop imports reached an all-time high in April due to work or study from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 27-member bloc's statistical department announced on Friday. People also rely on virtual meetings and video talks with their friends and families during the period, Eurostat said.

Pandemic to Cut Thousands of Banking Jobs in Frankfurt: study

Frankfurt am Main, Oct 21 (AFP/APP): Frankfurt's banking sector is set to lose thousands of jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic even as it tries to attract bankers fleeing Brexit, a study said Wednesday. Frankfurt-based Helaba bank said that it expects there will be some 62,700 bank employees in Frankfurt at the end of 2022, down 2,000 or about three percent from before the pandemic outbreak.

UK and EU Mull how to Break Brexit Deadlock Following Threats

London, Oct 19 (AFP/APP): Britain and the EU held fresh meetings on Monday to try to unlock their Brexit impasse after London threatened to walk out and go its own way next year despite warnings of further damage to the COVID-hit economy. The government launched an information campaign advising businesses that "time is running out" to be ready for a complex new trading chapter with a post-Brexit transition period.

UK Ready to Walk Away Without ‘Fundamental Change’ from EU

London, Oct 16 (AFP/APP): Britain on Friday said there’s no point in holding more Brexit talks without a dramatic softening of the EU's position, bringing a potentially nasty divorce at the end of the year a step closer. PM Boris Johnson responded after a EU summit Thursday proposed a fresh round of talks next week in London, while demanding Britain give ground on key stumbling blocks.

Merkel Cancels November EU Summit in Berlin over Virus Outbreak

Brussels, Oct 16 (AFP/APP): German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday cancelled an EU leaders' summit in Berlin that was to have discussed relations with China set for November 16 due to the coronavirus. "In the context of the pandemic, we have made it clear that we will not allow the informal summit to take place. We must do without it", Merkel told reporters after a summit in Brussels.