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Covid-19: Pakistan records 49 new deaths

Pakistan has had the largest number of COVID-19 deaths — 48 — in the last 24 hours since October 7, 2021, bringing the total death toll to 29,420, according to data from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC). The graph shows a steady rise in hospitalizations, with 1,618 patients in critical care, but the positive rate has stayed below 10% for the fourth day in a row.  

Covid-19: Pakistan to receive 40 million more doses from COVAX

The United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) Pakistan said on Wednesday that Pakistan will get 40 million extra doses of the COVID-19 vaccine under the COVAX facility in the first quarter of this year. Since May 2021, Pakistan has received over 91 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccination through the COVAX facility, according to UNICEF Pakistan. UNICEF Pakistan said that this was half of the total 175 million doses that had been provided in the country so far.  

Covid-19: Pakistan’s positivity rate below 10% for the second day in a row

Pakistan's coronavirus positivity rate remained below 10% for the second day in a row, at 9.88 percent, as the country dealt with the fifth Covid-19 wave. According to data from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), 61,190 tests were done in the last 24 hours, with 6,047 of them being positive. The number of daily cases, on the other hand, is larger than the one reported on Tuesday.  

Covid-19: Pakistan’s positivity rate over 11% for the third day in a row

Pakistan's coronavirus positive rate remained above 11 percent for the third day in a row, according to statistics from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Saturday morning. According to the apex COVID-19 body, Pakistan has an 11.31 percent positivity rate after 70,389 tests were completed across the country in the last 24 hours, resulting in 7,963 new coronavirus infections. The total number of positive cases has risen to 1.41 million, with 27 more patients dying of the virus, bringing the death toll to 29,219, according to official data.    

Covid-19: Pakistan reports highest cases since start of pandemic

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) statistics showed Friday morning that Pakistan has the greatest number of daily COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began in 2020, with 8,183 persons testing positive overnight, as the infections continue to grow amid a spread of the Omicron variety. Meanwhile, the daily COVID-19 death toll hit a new high for the first time since October 6, 2021, as the virus claimed the lives of 30 additional people overnight. COVID-19 claimed the lives of 39 people on October 6, 2021.  

Pakistan reports 7000 Covid-19 cases second day in a row

In the fifth wave of the pandemic, Pakistan's National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) reported nearly 7,000 new COVID-19 cases for the second day in a row, as the Omicron strain spreads infections across the country. According to the NCOC's most recent statistics, 7,195 coronavirus cases were reported in the last 24 hours, following 57,401 tests completed across the country, with a positivity percentage of 12.53 percent.  

Covid-19: Pakistan positivity rate jumps over 7%

According to data from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), Pakistan's coronavirus positive ratio increased by more than 7% in the last 24 hours, with 3,567 new cases reported – the most since September 10, 2021. According to the NCOC, 48,449 tests were performed across the country, with 3,567 illnesses resulting in a positivity rate of 7.36 percent. On August 31, 2021, the country reported a 6.64 percent infection rate. With the additional infections, the total number of those infected has grown to 1.315 million, while the death toll has risen to 28,999.  

Covid-19: Pakistan reports over 1000 cases for 5 days in a row

For the fifth day in a row, Pakistan has seen more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases, as the Omicron version of the virus continues to spread across the country. The National Command and Operations Centre's (NCOC) COVID-19 numbers from Monday morning showed that Pakistan had 1,649 cases in the previous 24 hours, up from 1,572 the day before – the first time daily cases have surpassed 1,500 since October 3. The country's overall positivity rate is 3.66 percent.    

Omicron is now the most dominant variant of Covid-19: reports

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is now the most dominant strain of the infection in the United States, as the World Health Organization (WHO) asks for more action against the pandemic and stricter measures to stem its spread. The new variant has aided in the fueling of record case counts, causing several governments to revert to tighter restrictions. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, has stated that he does not intend to "lock down the country," as his press secretary Jen Psaki stated earlier in the day.    

New Covid-19 variant present in Europe before South Africa: Report

New data from the Netherlands revealed Tuesday that the Omicron coronavirus variant was prevalent in Europe before the first cases were reported in South Africa, as Latin America reported its first two cases in Brazil. In the week since South Africa disclosed the new virus strain to the World Health Organization, dozens of governments around the world have imposed travel restrictions, the majority of which target southern African countries. However, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday that "blanket" travel bans could cause more harm than good, as Canada expanded its restrictions to include Egypt and Nigeria.  

Travel advisory issued during new Covid threat

After the discovery of a new coronavirus strain named Omicron, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a new travel alert for Category C nations on Sunday in an effort to prevent cases of new coronavirus variants in Pakistan. The CAA has issued a new travel advisory for 17 countries, including South Africa, Hong Kong, Iraq, Namibia, and Ukraine. Passengers from nations classified as C would need approval from the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) to travel. "They would be forced to give proof of full Covid-19 vaccination," the CAA stated.  

Covid-19 positivity rate becomes 1.20 percent nationwide

In the last 24 hours, 46,128 corona tests were conducted around the country, with another 554 corona cases reported, according to the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC). According to the NCOC, the overall number of corona cases across the country has surged to 12,78,114 in the previous 24 hours, with a total number of deaths of 28,566 and a rate of positive cases of 1.20 percent.  

Pfizer vaccine effective for young kids: FDA

As the US considers starting vaccinations in children, federal health officials stated late Friday that kid-size doses of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine appear extremely effective in preventing symptomatic infections in elementary school children and created no unforeseen safety issues. The FDA published its review of Pfizer's data ahead of a public meeting next week to discuss whether the vaccines are ready for the country's roughly 28 million children aged 5 to 11. The agency will put the subject to a panel of outside vaccination experts for a vote.  

Pakistan records less than 1000 Covid-19 cases

According to reports from the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), Pakistan recorded less than 1,000 daily COVID-19 cases for the second day in a row on Sunday morning. For the first time in over three months, the country had a daily case count under 1,000 last week (830 cases on July 6). After 44,831 testing, at least 720 new coronavirus cases were discovered in the last 24 hours, bringing the overall confirmed case count to 1,264,384 since the pandemic began last year.  

Schools resume regular classes nationwide

The NCOC made the decision after a decrease in COVID-19 cases across the country. The educational institutions were previously functioning at half capacity after reopening following a periodic shutdown due to the prevalence of COVID-19. Asad Umar, the chairman of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), said last week that all educational institutions will resume regular courses on October 11. (today). This statement was made by the planning and development minister in a post on his official Twitter account.

Pakistan confirms 46 more deaths and several new Covid-19 cases

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) in Pakistan recorded 1,453 new covid-19 cases and 46 additional deaths on Wednesday. According to the NCOC, which is in charge of Pakistan's pandemic response, the government has done 19,736,872 tests and confirmed 1,255,321 cases, including 1,182,894 people who have recovered. The number of active cases in the country has reduced to 44,395 people receiving treatment, with 2,934 in serious condition.

Foreign Tourists will not be allowed in Australia till 2022

The prime minister announced Tuesday that foreign visitors will not be welcomed back to Australia until at least next year, as he unveiled steps to relax some of the toughest and longest COVID-19 travel restrictions enforced by any country. After meeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison's criteria for reopening the country's external borders, the country will prioritise the return of skilled migrants and students. On Tuesday, it is anticipated to reach that level.  

Being World’s most locked down city, Melbourne records 246 days in lockdown

Melbourne has officially recorded the dreadful new milestone, trading its prestigious title of most liveable city for the world's most locked down metropolis. The city has now been in lockdown for 246 days, with the Covid restrictions among the strictest in the world, surpassing the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires in terms of days in lockdown. The shocking figure is said to be costing Victoria's economy $700 million per week.  

Pills introduced to prevent Covid-19

According to data that experts hailed as a potential breakthrough in how the virus is controlled, an experimental antiviral tablet produced by Merck & Co (MRK.N) might half the risks of dying or being hospitalized for individuals most at risk for getting severe COVID-19. If approved by the US, molnupiravir, which is meant to induce mistakes into the virus's genetic coding, would be the first oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19.

More Than 50 million Have Voted Early in US Election: Monitor

Washington, Oct 23 (AFP/APP): More than 50 million Americans have voted early in the White House race pitting President Donald Trump against Democrat Joe Biden, a group monitoring balloting said Friday. Voters are smashing records for casting ballots ahead of Election Day on November 3 in order to avoid crowded polling centers and long lines out of fear of catching the coronavirus.

‘Real Number’ of Spain Virus Cases Over Three Million

Madrid, Oct 23 (AFP/APP): The "real number" of coronavirus cases in Spain is more than three million, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Friday in a televised address. Earlier this week, Spain officially surpassed one million confirmed COVID19 infections but Sanchez said the actual figure was much higher because the number of cases detected at the start of the pandemic was very low.

Philippines Frees Nearly 82,000 Prisoners Amid Pandemic

ANKARA, Oct 23 (AA/APP): The Philippines released nearly 82,000 prisoners since mid-March to decongest the overcrowded jails in the country amid the COVID19 pandemic, the country’s top judge revealed on Friday. Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta said in a virtual news conference that 81,888 inmates were released from March 17 to Oct. 16, daily Phil Star reported.

Pakistan & Argentina Hold Virtual 4th Round of Bilateral Political Consultations

ISLAMABAD, Oct 23 (APP): Pakistan and Argentina, in their fourth round of bilateral political consultations, have exchanged views on a wide range of bilateral, regional and multilateral matters of mutual interest. The two sides also took stock of the under-process bilateral agreements and MoUs. The Foreign Minister of Argentina was invited to Pakistan on behalf of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

EU’s Laptop Imports Hit All-Time High

ISTANBUL, Oct 23 (AA/APP): The European Union's laptop imports reached an all-time high in April due to work or study from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 27-member bloc's statistical department announced on Friday. People also rely on virtual meetings and video talks with their friends and families during the period, Eurostat said.

Belgian Foreign Minister in Intensive Care with COVID

Brussels, Oct 22 (AFP/APP): Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, who was caretaker prime minister during the first wave of the coronavirus, has been admitted to intensive care, officials said Thursday. The 45-year-old tested positive for COVID19 last week and had been self-isolating, but her condition worsened and on Wednesday night she was admitted to a Brussels hospital.

Germany’s Virus Situation ‘Very Serious’: Health Body

Berlin, Oct 22 (AFP/APP): Germany is facing a "very serious" rise in coronavirus cases, the head of the Robert Koch Institute disease control centre said Thursday, as the country reported a record 11,287 new infections. It is still possible to bring the virus under control through "systematic compliance with restrictive measures", Lothar Wieler said. But "the overall situation has become very serious," he added.

New Virus Curbs for Another 1.4 million in Northern England

London, Oct 21 (AFP/APP): More than a million people in northern England will be banned from mixing with other households under new coronavirus rules announced Wednesday, sparking warnings of "months of agony" ahead. The county of South Yorkshire, which includes the city of Sheffield, will enter into "very high" alert or tier three restrictions from Saturday, the UK government announced.

Pandemic to Cut Thousands of Banking Jobs in Frankfurt: study

Frankfurt am Main, Oct 21 (AFP/APP): Frankfurt's banking sector is set to lose thousands of jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic even as it tries to attract bankers fleeing Brexit, a study said Wednesday. Frankfurt-based Helaba bank said that it expects there will be some 62,700 bank employees in Frankfurt at the end of 2022, down 2,000 or about three percent from before the pandemic outbreak.

Indonesia Reports 4267 New COVID19 Cases & 123 New Deaths

JAKARTA, Oct 21 (Xinhua/APP): The COVID19 cases in Indonesia rose by 4,267 within one day to 373,109, with the death toll adding by 123 to 12,857, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. According to the ministry, 3,856 more people were discharged from hospitals, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 297,509. The virus has spread to all the country's 34 provinces.