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Saudi women participate in ‘Camel Beauty Contest’

It emerged on Sunday that the Saudi women, in a first for the conservative kingdom, paraded their camels in a beauty contest for the prized “ships of the desert”. “I hope today to reach a certain social standing, Inshallah (God willing),” said Lamia al-Rashidi, 27, who participated in the weekend contest in the Rumah. The event was a part of the prestigious King Abdelaziz Festival which was previously a men-only event.

Saudi women barrel into workforce to transform the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia: On Nov 4, In an initiative to revolutionize the Kingdom, women have started taking part in some fields of life. My parents had never wanted her to work but they eventually relented as life in the capital became too expensive, said a 24-year-old Reham Al-Ahmed stated. With steep new taxes and cuts to government allowances, many households are increasingly counting on women to work.