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Sweden increases patrol on Gotland

Stockholm: On Jan 13, Sweden's military said that it was ramping up its visible activities on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland amidst heightened tensions between NATO and Russia. Moscow has frightened the West by massing troops near Ukraine, spurring fears that it is considering invading. Swedish Lieutenant General Michael Claesson, Chief of Joint Operations at the Armed Forces, from Thursday troops were patrolling the harbour and airport of Visby, Gotland's main town.

NATO to follow master plan to prevent Russian threat

Brussels: On Oct 21, it is reported that the NATO defense ministers are set to follow a new master plan to defend against any potential threat of Russia. The alliance reaffirmed the goal of keeping an eye on Russia as well as focusing on China. On the other hand, Moscow refutes any contentious intents and alleges NATO for destabilizing Europe.