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End to Ukraine war ‘the sooner, the better’: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was aiming for a speedy end to the conflict in Ukraine and that fighting should end as soon as possible. "Our goal is... to end this conflict. We are striving for this and will continue to strive... so we will seek to make sure that it all ends, and the sooner, the better," Putin told reporters. The deliveries of Patriot missiles from the US to Ukraine will only prolong the conflict, Russian President said.

Zelenskyy to visit US in first trip abroad since conflict began

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to visit Washington on Wednesday for a possible meeting with Joe Biden and an address to Congress, his first trip abroad since Russia started its offensive in February. The unannounced trip comes after Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut, now the epicentre of fighting, as the conflict rolls into its 300th day.

Russia sends musicians to frontline to boost morale

Russia says it will deploy musicians and singers to the front lines of its war in Ukraine to boost troops' morale. The defence ministry announced the formation of the "front-line creative brigade" this week, saying it would also include circus performers. The UK's Ministry of Defence highlighted the brigade's creation in an intelligence update on Sunday.

US plans to send ‘Patriot’ air defence missiles to Ukraine

According to US media reports, US is planning to send Patriot air defence missiles to Ukraine. President Joe Biden is likely to announce the move this week, according to unnamed officials. Patriot is one of the most advanced US air defence systems but supplies to Ukraine are likely to be limited. Ukraine has been requesting further air defence support for some time, as Russian attacks have continued to kill civilians and cause major blackouts.

‘Iran is now Russia’s top military backer’: US

Russia is giving an unprecedented level of military support, said US national security council spokesman John Kirby. Russia and Iran's relationship has warmed to a fully fledged defence partnership. The US has seen reports that the two countries are considering joint production of lethal drones, he added. Cooperation between Russia and Iran has been highlighted recently, with Ukraine accusing Russia of using Iranian drones in its attacks.

Nuclear risk is rising, but we are not mad: Putin

Vladimir Putin has said the threat of a nuclear war was rising, but insisted Russia had not "gone mad" and would not use its nuclear weapons first. The Russian president insisted that his country would only use weapons of mass destruction in response to an attack. Speaking at Russia's annual human rights council meeting, he also said the war in Ukraine could be a "lengthy process".

Heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine as NATO seeks support

Russian forces tried to advance in eastern Ukraine and trained tank, mortar and artillery fire on Kherson in the south, the Ukrainian military said, as Western allies sought to buttress Ukraine and its neighbours against Moscow. While in Washington, a $1.2 billion contract for six National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) for Ukraine is awarded to Raytheon, the Pentagon said.

Russian attacks on energy grid amount to genocide: Ukraine

Russia's attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure amount to genocide, a top Ukrainian official says. Strikes on key facilities targeted "the full Ukrainian nation" and were an effort to force Kyiv to surrender, the prosecutor-general told the media. Millions of people across Ukraine are facing power cuts in freezing weather, following sustained Russian attacks.

Iranian drones used in Ukraine built with Western parts: Reports

A Ukrainian investigation found that Iranian-built drones Russian forces are using in Ukraine consist of components made in the US and Europe. The majority of parts found in downed Iranian drones in Ukraine are manufactured in the US, Europe and other Western allies, a Ukrainian intelligence report has revealed, exposing the limits of export controls on Iran.

Russia rains missiles across Ukraine

On Tuesday, Russia rained missiles on cities across Ukraine in a salvo of strikes, even as signs grew that its retreating forces were pulling even further back from the Dnipro River in the south. In the capital Kyiv, flames poured out of a five-storey apartment block, one of two residential buildings the authorities said had been struck there. Other strikes or explosions were reported in cities from Lviv and Zhytomyr in the west to Kryvy Rih in the south and Kharkiv in the east. Regional officials reported some of the attacks had knocked out electricity supplies.

Thefts and firewood prices increase in Europe as gas becomes scarce

  Residents of European nations look to burning firewood and wood pellets as gas shortage worsens amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In the past, people relied on natural gas to keep warm in the mornings and firewood in the evenings. But gas is now in shorter supply, creating a crisis in Eastern European countries. "I won't use gas anymore, so it's going to only be wood," Popescu, a resident said, "but what I have isn't enough." Europe's energy crisis, triggered by the Ukraine conflict, has forced some people to turn to cheaper heating sources.

Russia uses ‘Iranian drones’ for strikes in Ukraine

Russia's recent drone strikes against different Ukrainian cities have alarmed Western capitals because the armed UAVs are Iranian-made. Tehran’s kamikaze drones have recently figured in Ukrainian skies, hitting both civilian infrastructure and military targets, which elicited condemnation from Kyiv and its allies. While Iran denies the allegations of selling its drones to Russia for the use against Ukraine.

Putin rejects claims Russia intends to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine: Moscow

  Russian president Vladimir Putin says he sees "no point in detonating a dirty bomb". In his speech at international forum, he rejected the Western notion that Russia is fuelling nuclear tensions by planning a nuclear strike in a false flag operation in Ukraine. He asked the world for mutual respect rather than fanning the threats.

Russia-Ukraine war: Kyiv’s forces claw back in Kherson

On Monday, Ukrainian forces advanced into Kherson. This is one of the four regions of Russia formally annexed despite widespread rebuke. The progress came after Kyiv’s forces recaptured Lyman in Donetsk, another region annexed by Moscow. On the other hand, Russia sent thousands of newly mobilized troops home as they were considered unfit for duty.

Muslim clerics warn Uzbeks against joining Russia-Ukraine war

Tashkent: On Sept 23, Uzbekistan's top religious authority urged Uzbeks not to get involved in the conflict in Ukraine. They said that doing so was against the Islamic faith after Russia offered fast-track citizenship to foreigners who join its army. The Muslim Board said members of some "terrorist organizations" were recruiting Muslims to fight in the Ukraine conflict under the pretext of "jihad" or holy war. In reality, it said, it was not permissible for a Muslim to participate in any military action except to defend their homeland.