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Hungary supports bid for Ukraine to become EU member

Budapest: On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told that Hungary was supporting an initiative by eight European Union leaders to start membership talks with Ukraine. "Hungary backs this initiative and we urge Brussels to put the issue on the agenda," Szijjarto said, citing a plan by the presidents of three Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. "The Hungarian people did not want this war, Hungarians want peace and we are doing all we can to ensure that peace is restored as soon as possible," Szijjarto added.

Russia-Europe fiasco: American troops arrive in Poland

Warsaw: On Feb 6, it was reported that a plane carrying U.S. troops landed in Poland. Washington's motion is to strengthen its NATO allies in Eastern Europe amidst a Russian military build-up on Ukraine's border. U.S. President Joe Biden ordered nearly 3,000 extra troops to Poland and Romania, as Washington moves to reassure alarmed NATO confederates.