6 wounded in grenade attack in mosque

Kabul: On Wednesday, six people were wounded in a grenade blast at a mosque in the Afghan capital minutes after worshippers offered midday prayers marking the holy month of Ramazan, the police reported. “We had finished the prayers and were heading out of the mosque when the blast occurred,” worshipper Mohammed Yasin told. Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran told that a grenade was thrown inside the Pul-i-Khisti mosque and a suspect was arrested at the scene.

Indian wheat shipment for Kabul to commence next month

After months of negotiations, both sides have finally agreed on the arrangements, and the shipment of Indian wheat to Afghanistan via Pakistan is likely to begin in early February. It will be uncommon for India to carry commodities to Afghanistan via Pakistan's land border, as Islamabad will never allow two-way trade between New Delhi and Kabul otherwise.    

Baby lost in Afghanistan chaos, returned to family

Kabul: It was reported on Sunday that an infant boy handed in desperation to a soldier across an airport wall, was reunited with the family. It happened during the chaos of the American evacuation of Afghanistan. The baby, Sohail Ahmadi, was just two months old when he went missing on Aug. 19. He was found by a taxi driver who raised him and then returned him to the family after missing reports.

Suicide bomber shot dead in Kabul

On Thursday, a would-be suicide bomber was killed outside Kabul's main passport office, police reported. The incident took place as hundreds of Taliban fighters lined up for travel documents on a day dedicated solely for their applications. “He was identified and killed at a checkpoint at the entrance,” Mobin Khan, spokesman for Kabul police, stated. About 200 Taliban fighters were at the passport office from dawn as the authorities announced that Thursdays would be set aside only for them to apply for passports.

Afghans cry out against freezing of country’s assets

On Dec 21, almost 200 Afghans protested in Kabul to demand the clearance of billions of dollars of assets frozen by the international community. This was an unusual demonstration the Taliban allowed as the state is on the verge of a major economic crisis. The march was organized by a little-known group called the Afghan People's Movement and no women participated.

Two casualties in Kabul explosions

It was reported on Friday afternoon that two explosions occurred in Western Kabul city in which two people lost their lives and four got injured. Saeed Khosty, the Interior Ministry spokesman, stated that the first explosion occurred in Dasht-e-Barchi in western Kabul city that targeted a transport vehicle and killed 2. The second one happened in western Kabul city and injured a woman.

One killed in blast in Western Kabul

On Wednesday, an explosion blew away a mini van in a Shia neighborhood of Western Kabul which killed at least one person and injured three. Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister for culture and information in the Taliban-led regime, stated, without elaborating much, that the investigation was being conducted. This is the third blast in Afghanistan's capital this week. None of the militant groups took responsibility for the killings.

PIA delays Kabul flight operations

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) stopped its Kabul flight operations on Thursday till further notice. According to PIA Spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan, the decision was made due to altered dynamics and non-conducive circumstances supporting international flight operations. He insisted that the decision to continue flying into Kabul even after the regime transition was made entirely on humanitarian reasons, and on the strong request of some supportive organizations.  

Casualties reported in Kabul Mosque blast

Kabul: On Sunday, two civilians were killed in an explosion that happened near a mosque in the capital city. According to Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban Spokesperson, 'few people' died in the incident at the entrance of Eid Gah Mosque in Kabul.“Our initial information reveals two civilians were slain and three wounded in the blast,” said Interior Minister, Qari Sayed Khosti.