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Amber Heard’s bloody lip photo rejected for evidence in Court

Amber Heard's legal team is not authorised to show the photo of her bleeding lip. The photo represents evidence of alleged assault by ex-husband Johnny Depp during a fight, but the judge dismisses it since it was not filed on time. Heard herself testified under oath that the strike Heard would have delivered to her occurred during a 2012 disagreement. "I was in one of these fights, I believe it's this one, in his downtown ECB, we call it, loft, and we're in the kitchen living room area and he backhands me," Heard stated.  

Amber Heard’s jealousy defence mechanism is ‘impulsive yelling and anger’: Report

According to a nurse, Amber Heard did not cope well with Johnny Depp's celebrity in Hollywood. In September 2014, Erin Falati composed notes in which she described Amber Heard as 'anxious' about Depp's rapport with women. Falati was asked about the notes in a videotaped testimony at his defamation trial last month. Heard had "difficulties with jealousy and anxiety issues surrounding the fiancé's fame and ability to interact with women frequently," according to Falati's notes. The nurse narrated that once Heard became "frustrated" during a dine-in at the restaurant and that her "previous defence mechanisms" involved "impulsive anger and yelling."  

Fans call out Amber Heard for ‘playing mind games’

On Sunday, Amber Heard overtook social media, with many eagle-eyed fans implicating her of “playing mind games” at the defamation case trial hearing. Netizens made this accusation after some saw Amber Heard ‘totally copying’ Johnny Depp’s outfit choices during the hearing, despite her having blamed him for having “no personal style.” Many even went on to link this conscious copycat behavior with 'mind games' and alleged that this behavior was denoting abusers trying to stay 'linked' with their partners (possible sociopathic tendencies).