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Climate activists chant their demands

On Nov 5, thousands of young campaigners stepped on the streets of Glasgow on Friday and chanted their need that world rulers at the U.N. climate conference must protect their future against dreadful climate change. "We know that we have made progress, but we are far from the goals that we need to reach," said former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore. Protesters also directed their anger towards leaders as major polluters with massive economies excused themselves from the target.

UK announces £55 million to cope climate change in Pakistan

British High Commission (BHC) reported that the United Kingdom has promised over £55 million to assist Pakistan fight climate change, water scarcity and unlock climate investment amidst ongoing 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), a statement issued by the British High Commission (BHC) on Thursday said. According to the announcement, the aid has been divided into three parts.

COP26 coalition worth $130 trillion for climate change

Glasgow: On Nov 3, it emerged that various banks, insurers, and investors with $130 trillion at their disposal professed on Wednesday. The big contribution is to put climate change at the center of their work as the top priority. The pledged money will keep green investment on a firm footing. All the investors state that they want to scale, transparency, and public obligation in achieving the goal.

World leaders aim to stop deforestation, greenhouse gases emission

Glasgow: On Nov 2, World Leaders at the COP26 global climate conference have vowed to stop deforestation by the end of 2030 and cut down the emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane to help slow climate change. According to a senior Biden administration official, Almost 90 countries have joined a U.S.- and EU-led effort to slash emissions of methane by 30% by 2030.