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NATO declines Serbia’s request to deploy its troops in Kosovo

President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that NATO’s mission in Kosovo declined a Serbian government's request to send up to 1,000 police and army personnel. The request was made following clashes between Serbs and Kosovo authorities. "They (KFOR) replied they consider that there is no need for the return of the Serbian army to Kosovo ... citing the United Nations resolution approving their mandate in Kosovo," Vucic said in an interview.

Serbia arrests Afghan general, sniper on terrorism charges

Sarajevo: On Thursday, Serbian police arrested an Afghan army general and a sniper wanted by France on terrorism charges. He was located during a raid on a migrant camp in the north of the Balkan country. In a statement, police said the arrests were made at the makeshift camp near the northern town of Subotica, where 109 illegal migrants were found, 29 of whom were "interesting security-wise".

Kosovo closes border with Serbia

On Wednesday, Kosovo closed its biggest border crossing. The move came after protesters blocked it on the Serbian side to support their ethnic kin in Kosovo. Today’s action left only three entry points between the two countries open. While two other crossings on the Serbian border are also closed by similar protests on their Kosovar sides since December 10.