Balochistan government has withdrawn the FIR against opposition MPAs

Balochistan government has withdrawn the FIR registered against the 17 opposition MPAs. Those MPAs attacked the Balochistan assembly on 18th June. They did so to restrain the provincial finance minister from presenting the budget. They also attacked the treasury bench lawmakers. Later on, the FIR was dismissed as there was no proof and investigation mentioned in it.

Black fungus affecting the eye sight

After the second wave of covid-19, Asia also facing black fungus. Black fungus is also known as mucormycosis. South Asian countries reported more than 40,845 cases of this rare fungal disease. The black fungus causes loss of eigh-sight, blackening of the nose, blurred sightedness, chest pain, blood with cough, etc. This disease also causes loss of sight from a single eye.

Tiktok reacted to the ban imposed by Pakistan

Tiktok authorities responded to the suspension of the app in Pakistan saying Tiktok is working to review the content and taking action against violation of its Community Guidelines. Tiktok exclaimed that it provided a platform for joy to the talent of Pakistan, modified local-language moderation capacity for Pakistan, and will take action against violation of its Community Guidelines.

In-camera meeting of Parliamentary Committee on  National Security 

Military leadership briefed lawmakers about security. This meeting included discussions over important issues, especially about Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan, India, and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir also briefed. Important opposition leaders also participated in this session. Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed and Qamar Javed Bajwa were also present there but Prime Minister Imran Khan was not able to manage to attend this in-camera session.

Zulfi Bukhari sent a defamation notice to Bilawal Bhutto

Zulfi Bukhari sent a £100 million defamation notice to Bilawal Bhutto for his irresponsible remarks. Bilawal Bhutto accused him of an alleged visit to Israel. In his tweet, Zulfi Bukhari exclaimed that Bilawal has a "poor understanding about most things". In his notice, he warned Bilawal Bhutto to withdraw his allegation and to publicly apologize within 14 days otherwise Bilawal would have to face legal action.

Peace in Karachi is unbearable for MQM, Saeed Gani said

In his statement, Saeed Gani stated that the peaceful conditions in Karachi seem unbearable for MQM as they once again wanted to create conflict between Urdu and Sindhi native speakers. Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan replied in his statement that PPP panicked because of the remonstrative policy. Karachi has become active once again and now there will be a great hustle on the roads, he added. 

Pakistan rejected allegations of India about Islamabad’s involvement in the blasts at the Indian Air Force base at Jammu airport

The Foreign Office of Pakistan declared the statement by Indian officials about blasts an "irresponsible and misleading statement". He said that India once again accused Pakistan of a serious crime and this act showed the manifestation of propaganda by the Indian government. Indian government failed to present any evidence to prove this allegation.

PM Imran Khan declared the biggest mistake of America to find the military solution in Afghanistan

Imran Khan said that America is trying to find a military solution in Afghanistan and that is its biggest mistake. He argued that if a civil war happened in Afghanistan it would cast serious effects on the region. America is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results, he added. He said that after the breakout of the civil war in Afghanistan Pakistan would suffer the most.

PM Imran khan once again highlighted strong ties of Pakistan and China

PM Imran Khan said, "Pakistan will not spoil the relationship with China" Pm Imran Khan once again determined that Pakistan will never damage the relationship with China under any pressure. He said that due to dissents between America and China a great hustle was produced in the certain area. Moreover, Imran Khan assured that Pakistan accepts and appreciates the remarks of China about Xinjiang.

Meeting of Ambassador Munir Akram and General Qamar Javed Bajwa at GHQ

Ambassador Munir Akram who is the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations had a meeting with army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa at GHQ. They discussed conflicts and matters of mutual interest, matters of regional security specifical the restoration of friendly relationship with Afghanistan they exchanged their views about the Kashmir dispute as well. Chief of army staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa, appreciated his services and the role of his successful mission in the service of Pakistan.

Arguments of Shah Mehmood Quraishi and Bilawal Bhutto against each other 

In parliament, Shah Mehmood Quraishi and Bilawal Bhutto presented strong and satirical arguments back to back against each other. Bilawal Bhutto said that he was familiar with the double standard nature of shah Mahmood and next time for the ministry he would support Zardari and warned Imran khan of his betrayal. Shah Mehmood said that he knew Bilawal since his childhood and Bilawal used to say scripted things directed by his father, Zardari.   

Imran Khan declared that the Judiciary is independent

Today Imran Khan presented his speech in parliament in a very engrossing manner. He determined that Pakistan has an independent judiciary as he doesn’t call for reference for anybody. European countries lack land mafia whereas in Pakistan they are defended. Moreover, he said that when lands of the government were made free from illegal occupancies, the government was declared to be brutal and ruthless whereas now when NAB is making proceedings about illegal land occupancies by elite landowners, they are making hustles. 

PM Imran Khan asked, “Will America allow us to kill the terrorist in London in a drown attack?”

Imran Khan in his speech at the parliament house exclaimed that when Usama bin Laden was killed all Muslims got embarrassed and we ourselves are the reason for this insult as we allowed America to do drown attacks in the past. He demanded that if America would allow us to do drown attack in London to kill the terrorist of Pakistan that has been there for past thirty years.

The unsubtle message of PM Imran Khan to the world

Imran in his speech in parliament declared clearly that Pakistan will not follow the orders of America anymore. He determined that Pakistan will not compromise its sovereignty under any foreign pressure. Moreover, in his speech he made clear that Pakistan could be in an alliance with America for maintaining peace but could not be with it for conflict.

Israel’s first embassy in the Gulf

Israel opened the first Jewish embassy in the Gulf state. Nine months after the normalization deal with the Gulf, Yair Lapid on his visit to the Gulf opened the Israeli embassy in Abu-Dhabi. Social and economic contracts have been signed between the two states as well. The foreign minister of Israel said that all gulf states should accept and maintain good relations with Israel.

New coronavirus cases in Pakistan

In Pakistan, new covid-19 cases have recently been reported. The number of Corona patients in Pakistan has risen to 2.32 percent of which 979 are new cases. Moreover, 27 more people succumbed to the virus, raising the death toll to 22,281. 31,606 patients have recovered from coronavirus. In Punjab, 346,180 are covid positive cases, 10,747 people died of this fatal virus, and fortunately, 326,994 cases recovered from this disease.  

Police action against land mafia in Faisalabad on public complain at PM portal

The land mafia of Faisalabad had unlawfully occupied the land of the school. The public complained at the PM portal about the illegal occupancy of school land in Faisalabad. As a result of which police took immediate action and succeeded to free the land out of the clutches of the land mafia. Police made necessary proceedings against the accused after which local people took a breath of relief.

Firing by terrorists at Pak-Afghan border

Terrorists fired across the Pak-Afgan border as a result of which Havildar Sleem and Lance Naik Parvez were martyred. Terrorists fired at the military post of northern Waziristan. Pak-army took effective and inevitable responsive action against this act. Pakistan strongly opposed the use of the land of Afganistan for terrorism. According to ISPR, Pakistan is warning and recommending Afghanistan to take necessary border control measures.   

Deadly consequences occurred due to record-shattering heat in Canada

Many people have died due to the recent heatwave in Canada that has broken the temperature records of Canada. Roundabout 125 deaths have occurred in the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. Canada hit a high of 49 degrees the third day in a row. Dozens of sudden deaths in British Columbia determined the non-adaptive behavior of Canada toward this extreme heat.